Amazing Wayanad

Kerala, it is said, is the 'God's Own Country'. One of the most beautiful states of India, Kerala certainly seems to be the place where God seems to reside. Though the entire state is stunning, it is the Wayanad district which is the most beautiful zone of the state.

With virgin rain forests, verdant spice plantations, rolling paddy fields, hills, rocks and valleys, 'the Land of Paddy Fields', Wayanad, is indeed an excellent place in Kerala. Earlier, Wayanad was called Mayakshetra (Maya Land). Wayanad is on the Western Ghats and is much famous for its natural beauty and also the aborigine people. In fact, it has the largest concentration of the aborigine people in Kerala.

If you loved this informative article along with you desire to be given guidance about homestay wayanad i implore you to stop by our web site. A part of the Nilgiri Biosphere Reserve and much famous for its wonderful wildlife tours, Wayanad is also called 'the Land of Spices'. Black Pepper, Ginger and Turmeric grow in abundance here and are famous for their unique flavor and aroma. Actually, Black Pepper of Wayand is much renowned all over the world.

Wayanad has something or other for every one. For the nature and wildlife lovers, it has Wayand Wildlife Sanctuary, Pookot Lake, Chembra Peak, Meenmutty Falls, Soochipara Falls and Kuruva Island. While the Wayand Wildlife Sanctuary is an excellent wildlife reserve spread over an area of 344 sq km, the Meenmutty Falls and Soochipara Falls are beautiful waterfalls located in thick forests. It's an exhilarating experience to sit near these falls and enjoy the cool and soothing spray of water on one's body.

For those who are religiously inclined, Wayanad has some ancient temples located in sylvan and picturesque surroundings. The Thirunelli Temple and the Ananthanatha Swami Temple are just two of the several wonderful temples that dot the landscapes of Wayanad.

'The Land of Spices' is near some of the famous attractions of the South-Ooty, Mysore, Bangalore and Kannaur. So a visit to Wayanad means you can visit these places also easily. Wayanad is well connected by rail, road and air.

And oh, did I mention that Wayanad has a great trekking zone also? Pakshipathalam--the trekking zone in question--is on the Kerala-Karnataka border and is a haven for those who are footloose and love trekking amidst perfect, natural surroundings where for company there are just trees, shrubs, rocks and some exotic birds, and, maybe, a few wild animals.